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Functional Nutrition with Brooke Floerke

The Mission of Bloom Functional Nutrition:
To honestly and openly impart my knowledge, education and personal
health struggles to help others.

Through functional nutrition, therapeutic supplements and individualized nutrition plans,
I seek to help men and women who struggle with gut, thyroid, and autoimmune problems achieve their highest health and wellness goals. My main goal is to empower my clients while transforming them into the best version of themselves. My success is achieved when clients feel their most vibrant and true selves. 



Functional Nutritionist

Hi! I’m Brooke Floerke, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, health coach and owner of Bloom Functional Nutrition. With over five years of experience in the nutrition field and a new-found love for functional nutrition, my goal is to empower you to become the best version of yourself.


I fight autoimmune, thyroid and gut issues myself, so I am very passionate about helping others with similar struggles. I want to help people uncover their root cause of dysfunction and get back to feeling like themselves again.


I'm a graduate of Texas Tech University and completed my dietetic internship in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I went on to receive my RD credentials and am also a certified health coach.  I truly believe food is medicine, I believe in the power of traditional western medicine, and I believe I am living proof of the incredible benefit of functional medicine.

Combining a healthy lifestyle with the right diet has allowed me to overcome my own health struggles. The power in this combination is what makes me passionate about helping others overcome theirs.






“I'm so thankful to be working with Brooke.
She really knows what she's doing- from her education and from her personal experience.”

"Bloom's plans are so easy to follow and felt unique to my needs. Never have I felt deprived or hungry, but instead mindful in my daily health choices.
Food is truly medicine and through the better eating and exercise goals Brooke set, I was able to not only lose pounds but also lower my anxiety medicine. It's truly a life changing program." 



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