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The Mission of Bloom Functional Nutrition:
To honestly and openly impart my knowledge, education and personal
health struggles to help others.

Through functional nutrition, therapeutic supplements and individualized nutrition plans,
I seek to help men and women who struggle with gut, thyroid, and autoimmune problems achieve their highest health and wellness goals. My main goal is to empower my clients while transforming them into the best version of themselves. My success is achieved when clients feel their most vibrant and true selves. 


My Story

My journey as a functional nutrition practitioner began in my early teens with a vested interest in healthy eating to aid in my sports performance. That journey took a quick turn in my early 20's as I continued to explore nutrition but that time to manage my mystery symptoms that turned out to be several autoimmune conditions. I have been in practice as a registered dietitian nutritionist since 2012 and most of that time I have spent working in the corporate health and wellness industry. While I absolutely loved that job and the team I worked with, I dealt mainly with weight loss. Bloom Functional Nutrition was developed to help share my passion for diet and lifestyle in the management of autoimmune, gut and thyroid disorders. I absolutely love helping highly motivated people and feel honored to be a part of someone's healthy journey. I truly love sharing with them what has helped me overcome my health struggles. 


Digestive Wellness

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Diets & Detoxing

Elimination Diets

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